Liposonix vs Coolsculpting : Which Treatment is More Effective?

Some areas of the body where you get accumulations of fat deposits is very hard to influence with diet and exercise. Now there is a non-surgical method is effective. Fat freezing means that by cooling can reduce subcutaneous fat permanently. One can intermittently sculpt away much of the unwanted fat deposits. The method is well documented. The average customer reduces 20% of its local adipose tissue treatment. This is currently the main competitor of liposonix which is still the number one favorite for Singaporeans as their non invasive fat removal procedure.

You can see results in about 15 days but it takes up to 60 days before the full results. After 45 days you can make further treatment. The method is relatively painless and takes about 1 hour per application area. There should be a maximum of two areas within 45 days. The method of cooling the fat available in a few different brands. We call it Fat freezing. Read on about the method and how it works.


Fat reduction through Cryolipolysis

Fat reduction by cooling is called Cryolipolysis and based on technology which means that by the
nozzle sucks in fat tissue. The skin is cooled to about 3 °, and subcutaneous fat to about 6-7 degrees
(There are variations) of ca. 20-40 minutes / area. The skin is not harmed by this but the fat cells are more sensitive for cooling may be a permanent damage and placed in a so-called apoptosis, which means programmed cell death.
The damaged fat cells start to break down and transported to the liver where they are collected and burned.
Fat molecules are transported therefore not out of the body, but they are broken down and burned i.e. they are used as energy.

The result is permanent

This is a revolutionary technology because it is very difficult to remove fat cells permanently without liposuction.
Fat cells that are destroyed permanently deleted. The body does not form new fat cells. The fat cells that remain can be greater, but when there are less number of fat cells in the area, it is harder to get back equal deposits of fat in the area. Just like liposonix, the method is not for weight loss but should be seen as a way to influence the problem area that is difficult to influence with diet and exercise.

Evidence for the effectiveness of the method
There are scientific studies done on the effectiveness of the method. Here is a link to a medical data base called
Pub Med. If you are looking for where the word Cryolipolysis so will all the publications and study up.

Difference in effectiveness against other methods
Liposuction is the most absolute method to permanently reduce the fat cells. This is done today often using melt fat with a very strong laser or radio frequency before the fat is sucked out and then is slightly gentler than traditional liposuction. For those who do not want to do any surgery or in areas not for liposuction has recently years been several different methods that promise to fat cells is reduced. Various methods have pros and cons.

Focused Ultrasound to be able vibrate the cell membrane so that fat cell empties itself. This does not give the same type of programmed cell death and does not mean that the fat cells permanently disappear. Most machines available gives about 20-30 Joules / cm2 of energy which we believe is too little energy to could have a major impact. They are required when many treatments to take effect. There is a machine on market called Liposonix which can provide more than 1000 J /cm2, which then becomes more efficient.

The problem then becomes that of so much that the pain relief is required to provide treatment. One must also be careful that you do not come to tissues other than fat that might damage. The other consideration is that liposonix singapore cost can vary from individual to individual; you could expect to spend around SGD 2500-5000 per session of treatment. The price of liposonix is per area basis so if you wanted to get it done on your love handles, muffin top, and arms that could cost you on the SGD 3000 ballpark. It’s more affordable than liposuction.

Liposonix treatment:

Radio frequency and microwave power can give some effect on fat cells, but even here there is a ratio of how much energy can be given without too much pain and how many treatments you have to give to get power.

Low level laser can also affect the fat cells to increase metabolism locally where the fat is broken down. It damages not fat cell and it often requires several treatments to get results. We can measure the results of the ultrasound scan.

We can ultrasonic scanning on a monitor to see and measure the fat layer thickness with millimeter precision.
This will be much more accurate than using a tape measure to measure the circumference or caliper to measure the fat layer thickness. It is difficult to standardize these methods good comparison between times. With ultrasound, we can evaluate what is the appropriate areas and to measure the results.

How is the treatment?

A protection sleeve is placed over the area to be treated. The nozzle is placed over the area and vacuum activated which sucks the fat a few centimeters in the handle. The cooling starts. A certain cooling effect experienced the first minutes and then disappears. Sitting or lying, depending on the area being treated. With this fat reduction system it is possible to read or listen to music then it takes one to two hours. After treatment you can have a light massage of the area. The after the treatment can be just as usual. You get no so-called social downtime. You can train or work without any problems on the day.

before and after photos

Side effects and risks

One can get a tenderness and bruising of the skin that sits in a number of days. These disappear forever.
They may feel slightly swollen after the treatment in the area a week. One can get a reduced or altered skin sensation a few weeks after treatment. Studies have failed to show any lasting damage to nerves or skin. Studies have not demonstrated that it may be some elevated blood lipids or liver enzymes.


Coolsculpting: The Hottest Fat Treatment On the market Right Now

I was at a press preview of the company Coolsculpting already for five, six years ago and when the invitation came for a new press preview at the Hotel Miss Clara before the summer, I wondered of course what really is new? The flooding of the chilly treatments nowadays to crystallize the fat cells so that they collapse and boom…


That fat cells die during prolonged cold is not news. The phenomenon was discovered already when young people in the United States sucked ice lollies already in the 60’s. His cheeks were hollow, subcutaneous fat disappeared. And never came back! Then Coolsculpting was discovered by zeltiq. Then it took a lot of years before man came on to develop a safe method to apply this technology in other locations on the body. As stomach and thighs. Where was the US company Zeltiq behind Coolsculpting first to patent a secure system.

Amazing Results from clients:

coolsculpting1 coolsculpting-results

To remove fat through by cooling the skin and fat tissues called cryolipolysis and is based on a technology that involves the use of a nozzle sucks in fat tissue and cools the tissue to -10 degrees in an hour. That you can reach down to -10 degrees in the fat tissue without frostbite tissues are Coolsculpting alone thanks to their patented protection mechanism in the nozzle. Should your skin come into direct contact with the cooling device. If you are interested to see more zeltiq coolsculpting reviews please go to her blog to see all you want to know regarding this non invasive fat removal treatment. She’s done a good job on dissecting all aspects of this procedure cost wise, comparison vs liposuction, side effects, etc.

General turning the power off.

I took an art talk with Maria Molen, representing method in Asia. And found out that the nozzles refined.

What is new from Coolsculpting than before?

There are currently 5 different nozzles that are anatomically designed and enabling treatments of everything from love handles, back, abdomen, male breasts, inside and outside of the thigh. A big difference from the beginning is that you now always offer customers a treatment plan that we call “Treatment to Transformation” which will tailor the treatment to achieve the best possible treatment result with the “wow” factor, she says.

Can not you just put in a snowdrift and become slim, then?

No, really it will not work. Adding in the snow freezes to the skin and can have terrible injuries. There must be a controlled process and the unique process

Coolsculpting has patented means if cryolipolysis will the skin be turned off automatically.

Who is the best method for then?

Coolsculpting is best suited for those patients who have that extra little bun in the stomach that they want to get rid of. It is not a weight loss method, and has a lot of visceral fat (fat that sits around the organs and not in custody, editor’s note), the Coolsculpting not the best method for them to choose, says Luana, responsible for Coolsculpting in Singapore.

How quickly can you see results?

There is no quick fix but it will take 8-12 weeks before you see the end result. At least 20-25 percent of fat disappear.

Is it expensive?

It’s relative. The price really depends on how many areas you want to be treated. For best result you may need to apply the device to 5 different zones around the abdomen. The cost of coolsculpting can be around 2000 SGD to achieve your desired look. It’s worth every penny if you’re comparing to liposuction.

Are there any risks with Coolsculpting?

The method is approved by the FDA, the American counterpart to the Drug Administration and has studied the method for ten years and neither liver or kidneys may elevations of making a this treatment is safe explains Maria.

Her clinic in Singapore is one of the clinics that use Coolsculpting and the method has emerged as one of the most sought after in the clinic. Tightly for filler treatments.

It’s not everyone who wants to do a surgical procedure to get rid of the fat and then we wanted to offer an alternative to this patient population. I am a cautious  general and would not bring in anything to the clinic that does not work. I fell for the method after seeing what results the machine gives, says Luana chow, clinic director at Rexfang clinic.

This is how the treatment works:

When the therapist drawn into fat deposits with a pen on the skin applied to a cooling gel mask containing propylene glycol (antifreeze that prevents the cooling elements to come into contact with the skin) to protect the skin.

  • A nozzle is sucked stuck with vacuum of the fat depot you want to treat.
  • After a few minutes the cooling device will be applied to cool down fat area.
  • After an hour, ending treatment to detach the nozzle and the therapist massages the fat depot so that the skin becomes smooth. It can be a little swollen immediately
  • after treatment and some may get a temporary loss of sensation in the area.


CoolSculpting Results – Did the Fat Loss Procedure Work?

Did I lose belly fat or was CoolSculpting a waste of money? Ok, I never got the before and after pics of coolsculpting, sorry about that. If I get them I will add them. Yes, I did lose belly fat and liked the results, but wish they were more. Would I do more cool sculpting? Yes, it helped me achieve success without lipo surgery or down time. For those wanting to know my stats: Age: Over 40 Height 5’8” and weight around 160 when this was done.

I added a Coolsculpting – 4 years later video so you can see how my abs looks years after the fat freezing procedure.


I see about an 1/8″ difference. You really didnt NEED to have this done, Love! You have a nice bod! Be HAPPY!! X♡

Thanks Ms. Flamingo. I am happy. I rarely do things like this – My cars last 10 years, I plan purchases, I don’t buy I lot of things, but I did buy this for me and in my mind it was a good purchase.

I see a visual difference definitely…but did you maintain your usual fitness and diet routine, or intensify it any way? I’m asking that if you DIDN’T do the cool sculpting, would have ended up with the same result anyway? I’ve made that same progress in less than 8 weeks by diet and exercise, although I will admit that last bit of lower belly fat needs extra attention in the diet and exercise department.

Hello Mike, Basically the area I noted has been with me since I was a teenager. Always that stubborn area that no matter whether I was 145 (just out of high school) or my peak of 185 lbs. it was always there. IN the video I was around 155 – 160. Please note I never went with a extreme diet of no carbs or anything to get super lean because I knew I would never live my life that way. However, I continue to hit the gym 5-6 times a week and eat a good diet.

So you recommend it? Im a litle nervous to spend the money on this. I work out like 4 times a week and never see results.

I would want you to see some gym results first. I only say this because is it motivation. Not sure what type of workout you do or what your diet is. Or where you are in life – so trying to build so you eat a ton of calories, lean out and doing cardio. My only tips would be – Track you calories in (food & beverages) and calories out (cardio, lifting, activity) for a month. My fitness pal is good and there are others. 1st week eat normally, week two start making changes to the diet as they say 80-90% of weight loss is diet. Adapt your workout and diet as you go. Take the before pic, then one every 2 weeks – stay on this path for 8 weeks and see if there is a difference from photo 1 to 4. Set it up as your own personal challenge and good luck – as for coolsculpting – work on you first – learn, change and then consider that later if you still want too. Personally – I recommend it for only me. You must make your own personal choice.

I don’t’ like cosmetic surgery in general as I think people should be happy with their bodies as they are. By that I mean people should exercise and eat well to achieve the best body they can naturally, I don’t mean I think someone should be happy weighing 300 pounds and having a 40% body fat percentage. This spot reduction sort of thing doesn’t bother me though. If someone has worked hard to look the best they can and yet some parts of them are just terribly stubborn then I say go for it. I have in my time dipped into the single figure bodyfat range and yet I still had some love handles and a similar bit of fat that you did. It doesn’t bother me so I never had it removed, but I can absolutely see why it would bother some people after all the effort to get to that point. It’s an interesting technology and I like that it’s completely non-invasive.

Wife and I are looking into doing this. How many sessions did you have? Just the one? Three years later are the results still there? Is this truly like lipo where they fat cells are permanently gone?

Fat cells are gone, because they die, but nothing is permanent, not even a lipo. If you don’t do anything to keep the results, like working out, diet, etc….your body will create new fat cells to store new fat deposits. You won’t get as fat as easily as before, but there’s a possibility.

Once fat cells die they are gone. If you don’t exercise to shrink your remaining fat cells they will get larger. Also if you eat poorly the fat cells that remain will get larger. So if you did Lipo or cool sculpting on your lower tummy and got a good chunk of the fat cells out then that area shouldn’t increase with poor diet or no exercise. Another part of the body with fat cells will increase in size though.

Did you have pain the following week?
I am on day 4 after my treatment and I am feeling a burning sensation in the treatment areas, however, it is tolerable and does not keep me from doing anything


My Coolsculpting Results on Inner Thighs – 8 Weeks

How many treatments total during 8 weeks?
One on each thigh!

Hi! I just want to say thank you for sharing your experience. I’m actually looking into cool sculpting because there are some parts of my body that I would like to improve. I live in the U.S. and I’m not quite sure how much you paid for the treatment but I’m am concerned about cost. Is there any advice you’d recommend about it? How much was your treatment?

Do your thighs not touch at all anymore? I’m looking to get this done for that reason but I’m not sure what to expect.
They hardly do now! Go and get a consult though as they can explain the kind of result you can expect! Some people are super reducers and get amazing results!!!!

you look great! Could we have another update video? results of your thighs and if you’ve maintained, lost or gained weight just so we can see just the results of the procedure. :)

Hey you look amazing!!! I just got my inner thighs done 3 weeks ago! Did you start to see any results before 8 weeks??!! I’m getting impatient haha


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