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Plastic Surgery Risks with Liposuction, Rhinoplasty & Breast Augmentation // NEWS

All cosmetic and plastic procedures, such as Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty can pose risks. It’s important to discuss this with your surgeon and to have realistic expectations.

Perhaps consider less invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting which are becoming very effective in fat removal with virtually no risk.

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Body contouring surgery procedures in MINE’s Way | Body Contouring Reviews

Body contouring definition would be the improvement of the shape of the body with perfect sculpting by removing excess sagging fat. This method creates smooth & charming contours of the body & body contouring surgery pictures tells it all about how effectively it is done. Body contouring cost is worth the outcome that comes after the procedure. Body contouring surgery procedures include Liposuction in the areas of calf, arm, back, hips, thigh and abdomen. Skin and tissues often lack elasticity & the areas of the body that lacks it get reshaped through the sculpting of the body by eliminating the fats. Cosmetic surgeons of MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic get good body contouring reviews as they employ a variety of body sculpting techniques to help the patients get toned & lean figure structure by helping them explore all the options & opt for the appropriate one. Necessitating each patient’s requirement & desire it could be non invasive body contouring or body contouring without surgery or just a surgical method. Whichever it is, it is performed meticulously to alter the shape of the body optimally. Basically Body contouring surgery procedures refers to the methods that change the shape or contour & form harmonious proportion. Breaking it down, what can be said here is that how much does body contouring surgery cost that does not matter if it successfully creates firmer abdominal profile, treats fatty issues, cellulite & excess skin, addresses weakened tissues, removes hanging skin from the underarm, contours legs by reshaping the thighs & calves, raises & tightens the skin over buttocks & trims overall fat perfectly to make balance. Pockets of fat remain, the skin does not reshape itself & it cannot always be fixed through discipline. MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic is committed to the community of cosmetic surgery by being constantly compassionate & individualized in approaching to patient care. The method of Body Contouring by Mine Plastic Surgery Clinic takes the worry out of the entire procedure & makes the whole experience significantly life-changing. Body contouring cost comes with affordability & the results are always satisfactory in MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic. The procedure here is designed to modify the size & shape of the body & some particular areas of it in order to improve the whole appearance & surgical implants & lifts are done according to that. Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Calf Reshaping, Thigh & Buttocks Lift are the part of the range of aesthetic procedures that Body Contouring of MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic incorporates efficaciously. Meticulous mapping of the tissues & use of latest shaping techniques makes the procedure peachy & perfect in terms of the surgery & service.

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What are the Liposuction Risks?-Dr. David Amron

With 18+ years of experience in liposuction surgery, Dr. David Amron understands the risks of liposuction but more importantly the safest ways to perform the liposuction procedure. Through local anesthesia, He is able to create the best results as well as the safest surgery procedure through expertise and knowledge of the surgical process.

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Liposuction: Athenix Body Sculpting compares Micro-Body Contouring to Liposuction

Athenix Body Sculpting was featured on NBC KING 5 in Seattle discussing Micro-Body Contouring. Dr. Lisa Precht discusses Micro-Body Contouring which is a less-invasive method of permanently removing fat compared to the old style liposuction. The treatment provides for less bruising, bleeding and swelling so patients have less downtime and are in less pain compared to traditional liposuction. Dr. Precht shares beautiful before and after photos of her patients.


3 Main Risks of Liposuction | Plastic Surgery

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The three risks that I would like to discuss in terms of liposuction are bleeding, infection, and minor contour irregularities.  Anytime any surgical procedure is performed any where in the world or in any part of the body there’s a risk of both bleeding and infection.  As surgeons, we take great care to try to prevent infection by giving antibiotics or making sure that our procedures are performed in as sterile conditions as possible.  In addition, we control as much bleeding we possibly can and attempt to lose as little blood as possible at all times.  

That being said anytime any procedure is performed those two complications or those two risks are still possibilities.  A risk that is specific to liposuction is in less experienced hands liposuction procedures can potentially cause contour irregularities.  The liposuction devices are very efficient at removing fat and its therefore very important to remove the fat in a very smooth and equally distributed matter.  

A small degree of contour irregularity is to be expected post-operatively based on swelling and fluid.  However, large contour irregularities, if they exist, may need to be corrected by either additional liposuction or by fat graphing, which is where you take fat from one part of the body and inject into another part of the body to fill in a contour.  So those are three potential risks to liposuction that needs to be considered prior to undergoing the surgery.