Amazing Results: Before and After Photos
From Previous Patients

As far as results go, take a look at the CoolSculpting before and after photos on our procedure page. We love results that speak for themselves, and when we saw those results, we were left speechless. With a proven track record with thousands of men and women like this, it’s easy to understand why this treatment is so popular.

When you’re considering any medical procedure, it’s important to make sure that it’s right for you. Though there are fewer risks than with a surgical procedure, there are still potential side effects, so it’s important that you come in for a consultation so we can go over any concerns for your unique situation. A consultation also enables us to put together a custom plan for your precise goals and needs and to get a better idea of how many sessions and areas of treatment are required for you to get the results you want.

Getting the results you want — I’d say that’s worth it.

Patients love this because it gets rid of fat without any surgery and without any downtime

How many sessions do you need? I heard only one, but then some say more.

it really depends and can change depending on different patients and different areas of the body. Some of our patients are totally happy with the result after only one treatment, though it is probably more common for patients to have additional sessions to achieve their goals.

Does this include belly fat removal? Or is it just love handle freezing?