3 Main Risks of Liposuction | Plastic Surgery

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The three risks that I would like to discuss in terms of liposuction are bleeding, infection, and minor contour irregularities.  Anytime any surgical procedure is performed any where in the world or in any part of the body there’s a risk of both bleeding and infection.  As surgeons, we take great care to try to prevent infection by giving antibiotics or making sure that our procedures are performed in as sterile conditions as possible.  In addition, we control as much bleeding we possibly can and attempt to lose as little blood as possible at all times.  

That being said anytime any procedure is performed those two complications or those two risks are still possibilities.  A risk that is specific to liposuction is in less experienced hands liposuction procedures can potentially cause contour irregularities.  The liposuction devices are very efficient at removing fat and its therefore very important to remove the fat in a very smooth and equally distributed matter.  

A small degree of contour irregularity is to be expected post-operatively based on swelling and fluid.  However, large contour irregularities, if they exist, may need to be corrected by either additional liposuction or by fat graphing, which is where you take fat from one part of the body and inject into another part of the body to fill in a contour.  So those are three potential risks to liposuction that needs to be considered prior to undergoing the surgery.


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