CoolSculpting Results – Did the Fat Loss Procedure Work?

Did I lose belly fat or was CoolSculpting a waste of money? Ok, I never got the before and after pics of coolsculpting, sorry about that. If I get them I will add them. Yes, I did lose belly fat and liked the results, but wish they were more. Would I do more cool sculpting? Yes, it helped me achieve success without lipo surgery or down time. For those wanting to know my stats: Age: Over 40 Height 5’8” and weight around 160 when this was done.

I added a Coolsculpting – 4 years later video so you can see how my abs looks years after the fat freezing procedure.


I see about an 1/8″ difference. You really didnt NEED to have this done, Love! You have a nice bod! Be HAPPY!! X♡

Thanks Ms. Flamingo. I am happy. I rarely do things like this – My cars last 10 years, I plan purchases, I don’t buy I lot of things, but I did buy this for me and in my mind it was a good purchase.

I see a visual difference definitely…but did you maintain your usual fitness and diet routine, or intensify it any way? I’m asking that if you DIDN’T do the cool sculpting, would have ended up with the same result anyway? I’ve made that same progress in less than 8 weeks by diet and exercise, although I will admit that last bit of lower belly fat needs extra attention in the diet and exercise department.

Hello Mike, Basically the area I noted has been with me since I was a teenager. Always that stubborn area that no matter whether I was 145 (just out of high school) or my peak of 185 lbs. it was always there. IN the video I was around 155 – 160. Please note I never went with a extreme diet of no carbs or anything to get super lean because I knew I would never live my life that way. However, I continue to hit the gym 5-6 times a week and eat a good diet.

So you recommend it? Im a litle nervous to spend the money on this. I work out like 4 times a week and never see results.

I would want you to see some gym results first. I only say this because is it motivation. Not sure what type of workout you do or what your diet is. Or where you are in life – so trying to build so you eat a ton of calories, lean out and doing cardio. My only tips would be – Track you calories in (food & beverages) and calories out (cardio, lifting, activity) for a month. My fitness pal is good and there are others. 1st week eat normally, week two start making changes to the diet as they say 80-90% of weight loss is diet. Adapt your workout and diet as you go. Take the before pic, then one every 2 weeks – stay on this path for 8 weeks and see if there is a difference from photo 1 to 4. Set it up as your own personal challenge and good luck – as for coolsculpting – work on you first – learn, change and then consider that later if you still want too. Personally – I recommend it for only me. You must make your own personal choice.

I don’t’ like cosmetic surgery in general as I think people should be happy with their bodies as they are. By that I mean people should exercise and eat well to achieve the best body they can naturally, I don’t mean I think someone should be happy weighing 300 pounds and having a 40% body fat percentage. This spot reduction sort of thing doesn’t bother me though. If someone has worked hard to look the best they can and yet some parts of them are just terribly stubborn then I say go for it. I have in my time dipped into the single figure bodyfat range and yet I still had some love handles and a similar bit of fat that you did. It doesn’t bother me so I never had it removed, but I can absolutely see why it would bother some people after all the effort to get to that point. It’s an interesting technology and I like that it’s completely non-invasive.

Wife and I are looking into doing this. How many sessions did you have? Just the one? Three years later are the results still there? Is this truly like lipo where they fat cells are permanently gone?

Fat cells are gone, because they die, but nothing is permanent, not even a lipo. If you don’t do anything to keep the results, like working out, diet, etc….your body will create new fat cells to store new fat deposits. You won’t get as fat as easily as before, but there’s a possibility.

Once fat cells die they are gone. If you don’t exercise to shrink your remaining fat cells they will get larger. Also if you eat poorly the fat cells that remain will get larger. So if you did Lipo or cool sculpting on your lower tummy and got a good chunk of the fat cells out then that area shouldn’t increase with poor diet or no exercise. Another part of the body with fat cells will increase in size though.

Did you have pain the following week?
I am on day 4 after my treatment and I am feeling a burning sensation in the treatment areas, however, it is tolerable and does not keep me from doing anything


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