Coolsculpting: The Hottest Fat Treatment On the market Right Now

I was at a press preview of the company Coolsculpting already for five, six years ago and when the invitation came for a new press preview at the Hotel Miss Clara before the summer, I wondered of course what really is new? The flooding of the chilly treatments nowadays to crystallize the fat cells so that they collapse and boom…


That fat cells die during prolonged cold is not news. The phenomenon was discovered already when young people in the United States sucked ice lollies already in the 60’s. His cheeks were hollow, subcutaneous fat disappeared. And never came back! Then Coolsculpting was discovered by zeltiq. Then it took a lot of years before man came on to develop a safe method to apply this technology in other locations on the body. As stomach and thighs. Where was the US company Zeltiq behind Coolsculpting first to patent a secure system.

Amazing Results from clients:

coolsculpting1 coolsculpting-results

To remove fat through by cooling the skin and fat tissues called cryolipolysis and is based on a technology that involves the use of a nozzle sucks in fat tissue and cools the tissue to -10 degrees in an hour. That you can reach down to -10 degrees in the fat tissue without frostbite tissues are Coolsculpting alone thanks to their patented protection mechanism in the nozzle. Should your skin come into direct contact with the cooling device. If you are interested to see more zeltiq coolsculpting reviews please go to her blog to see all you want to know regarding this non invasive fat removal treatment. She’s done a good job on dissecting all aspects of this procedure cost wise, comparison vs liposuction, side effects, etc.

General turning the power off.

I took an art talk with Maria Molen, representing method in Asia. And found out that the nozzles refined.

What is new from Coolsculpting than before?

There are currently 5 different nozzles that are anatomically designed and enabling treatments of everything from love handles, back, abdomen, male breasts, inside and outside of the thigh. A big difference from the beginning is that you now always offer customers a treatment plan that we call “Treatment to Transformation” which will tailor the treatment to achieve the best possible treatment result with the “wow” factor, she says.

Can not you just put in a snowdrift and become slim, then?

No, really it will not work. Adding in the snow freezes to the skin and can have terrible injuries. There must be a controlled process and the unique process

Coolsculpting has patented means if cryolipolysis will the skin be turned off automatically.

Who is the best method for then?

Coolsculpting is best suited for those patients who have that extra little bun in the stomach that they want to get rid of. It is not a weight loss method, and has a lot of visceral fat (fat that sits around the organs and not in custody, editor’s note), the Coolsculpting not the best method for them to choose, says Luana, responsible for Coolsculpting in Singapore.

How quickly can you see results?

There is no quick fix but it will take 8-12 weeks before you see the end result. At least 20-25 percent of fat disappear.

Is it expensive?

It’s relative. The price really depends on how many areas you want to be treated. For best result you may need to apply the device to 5 different zones around the abdomen. The cost of coolsculpting can be around 2000 SGD to achieve your desired look. It’s worth every penny if you’re comparing to liposuction.

Are there any risks with Coolsculpting?

The method is approved by the FDA, the American counterpart to the Drug Administration and has studied the method for ten years and neither liver or kidneys may elevations of making a this treatment is safe explains Maria.

Her clinic in Singapore is one of the clinics that use Coolsculpting and the method has emerged as one of the most sought after in the clinic. Tightly for filler treatments.

It’s not everyone who wants to do a surgical procedure to get rid of the fat and then we wanted to offer an alternative to this patient population. I am a cautiousĀ  general and would not bring in anything to the clinic that does not work. I fell for the method after seeing what results the machine gives, says Luana chow, clinic director at Rexfang clinic.

This is how the treatment works:

When the therapist drawn into fat deposits with a pen on the skin applied to a cooling gel mask containing propylene glycol (antifreeze that prevents the cooling elements to come into contact with the skin) to protect the skin.

  • A nozzle is sucked stuck with vacuum of the fat depot you want to treat.
  • After a few minutes the cooling device will be applied to cool down fat area.
  • After an hour, ending treatment to detach the nozzle and the therapist massages the fat depot so that the skin becomes smooth. It can be a little swollen immediately
  • after treatment and some may get a temporary loss of sensation in the area.