Liposonix vs Coolsculpting : Which Treatment is More Effective?

Some areas of the body where you get accumulations of fat deposits is very hard to influence with diet and exercise. Now there is a non-surgical method is effective. Fat freezing means that by cooling can reduce subcutaneous fat permanently. One can intermittently sculpt away much of the unwanted fat deposits. The method is well documented. The average customer reduces 20% of its local adipose tissue treatment. This is currently the main competitor of liposonix which is still the number one favorite for Singaporeans as their non invasive fat removal procedure.

You can see results in about 15 days but it takes up to 60 days before the full results. After 45 days you can make further treatment. The method is relatively painless and takes about 1 hour per application area. There should be a maximum of two areas within 45 days. The method of cooling the fat available in a few different brands. We call it Fat freezing. Read on about the method and how it works.


Fat reduction through Cryolipolysis

Fat reduction by cooling is called Cryolipolysis and based on technology which means that by the
nozzle sucks in fat tissue. The skin is cooled to about 3 °, and subcutaneous fat to about 6-7 degrees
(There are variations) of ca. 20-40 minutes / area. The skin is not harmed by this but the fat cells are more sensitive for cooling may be a permanent damage and placed in a so-called apoptosis, which means programmed cell death.
The damaged fat cells start to break down and transported to the liver where they are collected and burned.
Fat molecules are transported therefore not out of the body, but they are broken down and burned i.e. they are used as energy.

The result is permanent

This is a revolutionary technology because it is very difficult to remove fat cells permanently without liposuction.
Fat cells that are destroyed permanently deleted. The body does not form new fat cells. The fat cells that remain can be greater, but when there are less number of fat cells in the area, it is harder to get back equal deposits of fat in the area. Just like liposonix, the method is not for weight loss but should be seen as a way to influence the problem area that is difficult to influence with diet and exercise.

Evidence for the effectiveness of the method
There are scientific studies done on the effectiveness of the method. Here is a link to a medical data base called
Pub Med. If you are looking for where the word Cryolipolysis so will all the publications and study up.

Difference in effectiveness against other methods
Liposuction is the most absolute method to permanently reduce the fat cells. This is done today often using melt fat with a very strong laser or radio frequency before the fat is sucked out and then is slightly gentler than traditional liposuction. For those who do not want to do any surgery or in areas not for liposuction has recently years been several different methods that promise to fat cells is reduced. Various methods have pros and cons.

Focused Ultrasound to be able vibrate the cell membrane so that fat cell empties itself. This does not give the same type of programmed cell death and does not mean that the fat cells permanently disappear. Most machines available gives about 20-30 Joules / cm2 of energy which we believe is too little energy to could have a major impact. They are required when many treatments to take effect. There is a machine on market called Liposonix which can provide more than 1000 J /cm2, which then becomes more efficient.

The problem then becomes that of so much that the pain relief is required to provide treatment. One must also be careful that you do not come to tissues other than fat that might damage. The other consideration is that liposonix singapore cost can vary from individual to individual; you could expect to spend around SGD 2500-5000 per session of treatment. The price of liposonix is per area basis so if you wanted to get it done on your love handles, muffin top, and arms that could cost you on the SGD 3000 ballpark. It’s more affordable than liposuction.

Liposonix treatment:

Radio frequency and microwave power can give some effect on fat cells, but even here there is a ratio of how much energy can be given without too much pain and how many treatments you have to give to get power.

Low level laser can also affect the fat cells to increase metabolism locally where the fat is broken down. It damages not fat cell and it often requires several treatments to get results. We can measure the results of the ultrasound scan.

We can ultrasonic scanning on a monitor to see and measure the fat layer thickness with millimeter precision.
This will be much more accurate than using a tape measure to measure the circumference or caliper to measure the fat layer thickness. It is difficult to standardize these methods good comparison between times. With ultrasound, we can evaluate what is the appropriate areas and to measure the results.

How is the treatment?

A protection sleeve is placed over the area to be treated. The nozzle is placed over the area and vacuum activated which sucks the fat a few centimeters in the handle. The cooling starts. A certain cooling effect experienced the first minutes and then disappears. Sitting or lying, depending on the area being treated. With this fat reduction system it is possible to read or listen to music then it takes one to two hours. After treatment you can have a light massage of the area. The after the treatment can be just as usual. You get no so-called social downtime. You can train or work without any problems on the day.

before and after photos

Side effects and risks

One can get a tenderness and bruising of the skin that sits in a number of days. These disappear forever.
They may feel slightly swollen after the treatment in the area a week. One can get a reduced or altered skin sensation a few weeks after treatment. Studies have failed to show any lasting damage to nerves or skin. Studies have not demonstrated that it may be some elevated blood lipids or liver enzymes.